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Why choose John Regur, Midtown Mortgage?



Why to use , Midtown Mortgage, a Tulsa, OK, Mortgage Loan Originator instead of Your Local Bank.

I have often wished I worked for a bank:  great hours, holidays, strong benefits, good marketing allowance, base salary, existing account holders that come to the bank frequently; the list can go on and on.

But for you – you need the most knowledgeable, market savvy and cost cutting mortgage professional there is.

7 good reasons to use Mortgage Broker, and 2 great ones:

1. I am specialized.

Mortgage Brokers are experts at one thing, real estate mortgages.  Unlike bank or credit union employees we will not want to move your bank account, sell you retirement services, send you emails for life insurance or get ourselves promoted to a different department within the bank.  I love to do one thing every day: objectively and ethically advise people on how to manage their liabilities and obtain the lowest costs for ownership of real estate.

2. I have the availability of multiple lender over-lays.

FHA, Fannie Mae, the VA, etc. may allow conditions one particular lender is Tulsa Mortgagenot comfortable with, but another lender will accept.  For example, FHA may state your credit score is not used but one lender may require a score of 580, another may require a 640, and other Lender’s may require something in between.  This is an example of a lender over lay – an added layer of risk protection initiated by the bank.  Another may be whether you would be allowed to make you current home a rental income property, how many loans you can have, how derogatory collections on you credit report are handled – all answers can vary with different investor’s.  Brokers can research multiple Lender overlays to do things that couldn’t be done by just one source.

3. I am independent

Mortgage Brokers are not employed by a single bank, so expect more absolute and unbiased advice.

4. I am educated, certified and individually regulated.  

Oklahoma Mortgage Brokers are required to maintain individual Federal and State licenses that are annually renewed only if all continuing education has been completed and an annual background inspection is satisfactory.  Bank and Credit Union employees don’t have to do this.

5. Don’t over-value in house payment centers.  

If a bank or credit union is offering the advantage of making your monthly payments in house, understand you will pay more for the loan.  Mortgages are usually securitized, and after funding most often sold into the secondary market.  This is a benefit to the consumer, because this will allow the lender to get their money back and lend it again, not forcing the profit to be made on only one transaction.  I would never recommend paying extra, especially for the benefit of driving to the bank, waiting in the reception area and sitting in an office while they fix your problem.

6. Be quick to having your money.

The bank may tell you yes or they may tell you no.  You will only know when they send your information, get their decision makers feedback, and notify you.  If you were rejected, you would need to start all over with a new lender.

Most of my underwriting is done in Oklahoma City, but if we need to change lenders quickly we can.

7. Get Better Rates.

I am currently beating every bank I have gone up against by at least a quarter of a point.  Contact me to receive a Good Faith Fees Sheet to see this in action, dollar for dollar.

8. I will help pay Closing Costs, even with the lowest rates.

I credit the back end points, or what we used to call the yield spread premium, completely towards your closing costs.  You can’t afford not to use me.

9. I am free.

Contact me today for a free Mortgage Credit Score Analysis, a free Analysis of Your Existing Home Mortgage, a free Report on Loan Options Customized for Your Situation, a free Monthly Budget and Cash Flow Management Tool and, coming soon, a free Tulsa Home Builder Market Survey report.

Our Clients Say It Best

I would like to recommend John Regur, with Midtown Mortgage, as an excellent mortgage broker with sound financial advice. He was exceptional in his guidance throughout the entire loan process, making sure I had full understanding and knowledge of all proceedings. Besides being professional, he was also very pleasant and kind. Whenever I called, John promptly answered or got back in touch with me. I was never left wondering what was going on. In today’s world, that kind of superior service is rare. Thank you again, John, for working with me and making my home buying dream a successful reality! - Annie Hancock
Customer 1
We were very worried because we had been turned down late in the process by our first choice. We had sold our home and had about a week to get our deal done. We called John and within 5 days we had a loan approval. He also negotiated with the people who bought our house for us to stay 3 extra day until we could close. Thanks to John we avoided weeks in a hotel. I would highly recommend John Regur. - Sheila Ninde
Customer 2
Thank you!  You're the best! - Leta Bell
Customer 3
John worked with us for a few months, and he was advising us on how to overcome some credit mistakes. We followed his advise and watched our scores rise 60 points. He was great to work with and now a good friend. - Zach Fichte
Customer 4

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